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Airboat Tours…..Educational and Exciting!

Airboat Tours…..Educational and Exciting!

We have such a great time on out tours.  Our captains are exciting, funny and all around great!

Lets start with the educational part of our tours…I know your kids are thinking,”oh man, yuck, ugh” , but before everyone gets the wrong idea, let me tell you a little about it.

We are, first and foremost, an Eco and Educational airboat tour.  The captains stop and talk to you about what your seeing out on your tour.  They don’t just hang out in their captains seat and talk through a headset as they fly through the marsh.   On our tours you will learn about the history of the Florida Everglades, information about the wild life, and there is so much Flora and Fauna!  Its not a boring lecture, the captains are interactive and have a great sense of humor.   Did you know that you can eat some of the Flora and Fauna?!  Do you know what the bumps on the back of an alligator is called, or what they are made of?!  This is just a little bit of what you find out about on our tours.  Our captains encourage all the questions their guests have, and can definitely answer them.

Now, on to the exciting part of our tours…While you are going to different locations to see the amazing beauty the Florida Everglades has to offer,  our captains enjoy a little speed and some quick turns that you can not experience on the larger boats.  Sitting on our 6 passenger airboats, gliding across the surface of the water, wind blowing through your hair, birds flying next to you, well, that is something you will never forget.   You sit back, close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling of the Florida sun on your face.  There is nothing more relaxing, more rejuvenating than and airboat tour.

So, in telling you about some of what we do, I hope this has convinced you to come out and join us.   See You Soon!



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