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Airboat Tours in the different Florida Seasons

Airboat Tours in the different Florida Seasons

We do our airboat tours year around.  Each time of the year hold something different for our airboat tours and wildlife.   Because we deal with Mother Nature and do not disturb the wildlife, we can’t tell you how many alligators, Bald Eagles, snakes, turtles and more you will see.  We take Pride in preserving the beauty of the Everglades and the wildlife.

We will start off with Springtime, which starts around March and goes to May.  Cool nights, warm days and not as much humidity.  If you coming out at this time of year, just remember, it is a lot cooler on the water going 15-25 mph than it is on the land, so dress warmer than you normally would.   This time of year is when the wildlife in our area start their mating / breeding season.   The animals become very active in our area.  Male alligators start searching for a mate, bellowing, and sometimes ever fight over females.   We keep our distance for everyone’s safety, theirs and ours.

Summertime is where we head next and it gets hot, I mean very hot!  Highs in the upper 90’s, heat index well over 100.  June is when it all begins, not only summer, but also Hurricane season.  Yes, that is a real season…at least for Florida.  These are the days where you could almost set a clock by our afternoon rain storms.  As long as there isn’t any lightning in our area, we do our tour.  We provide rain jackets and off we go.  The animals don’t mind the rain, so we don’t either.   While the weather is getting warmer and the humidity is going up, the wildlife are starting to build their nests in preparation of having new offspring soon.    Female alligators are guarding their nest to keep predators away and come up on the banks to sun themselves, collect the most heat they can before sundown.

Slowly coming to September, and we approach Fall, honestly, just about the same a summer, just not AS hot.  This time of year we are always excited and ready for an adventure.  Its Hatchlings time!  We start seeing all the new life popping up.  Momma alligators stay in a general locations with their new babies.  We start seeing baby Bald Eagles peeking out from their nests, and tiny little turtles, fish, otters, calfs….

Winter is now here and we don’t really get that cold, maybe a few days here and there, but generally decent weather.   We do have alligators out, just not tons of them all at one time.   When we do our tours, we do Eco and Educational Tour, we are not alligator tours or airboat rides…we want you to experience the real Florida Everglades.  We offer ear protectors, but we do not talk to  you through them.  Think about all the sounds of the Everglades and wildlife you would miss if you always had them on.  Our captains will stop in many locations during your tour and have you take off the ear protectors and talk with you, explain about what your seeing and hearing and let you get all the pictures and ask all the questions you have.  Come join us and see the real side of the Everglades.


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