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New Adventures With Marsh Landing

New Adventures With Marsh Landing

Some of you might be wondering how the airboat days are going.  I know, its been awhile.

For starters, we have a wonderful office now here at our departure location, and we enjoy decorating it up for the different seasons.   The county park we are in has picnic table, playground,  racquetball and tennis courts and even a dog park.   We have hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, gator heads and so much more.    We also made a new little squirrel friend that seems you enjoy hanging out on our front porch.

Now with our boats…We have 2 airboats that are Coast Guard Certified to take 8 people.  No more splitting up  on your airboat adventure.  Even if you have a larger party, we make sure you have a great time.  We want you to enjoy your time and tour without having to share the boat with 15 other people.  Our captains will have you laughing and excited the whole tour.

Come check out our mobile website and see some amazing pictures our captains and guests have sent to us.










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