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Best time for Fishing and Airboat Tours in Florida

Best time for Fishing and Airboat Tours in Florida

Your ready to plan that special vacation and you tired of the big parks.  I know when I go on vacation, I want to do something different, unique, something no one else at home has done.  So, what else is there to do in Florida…go fishing and take an Everglades Airboat Tour.  The big question, when is the best time to go do all of this, well, anytime!  There are some times of the year that fish are more active or bigger, and time when alligators and wildlife is out and soaking up the sun.  But the animals and fish do not take vacations, they are here and out year around.

Florida Fishing!  11/2018

Florida Fishing! 11/2018

Lets start with fishing.   Spring time is the best time for bass fishing!  That is when fish move into shallow water to spawn.  Spawning may occur as early as January in extreme south Florida and as late as May in the panhandle, but March and April are peak months.  Spawning is when a bass goes into the shallows to lay eggs.  She uses her tail and fins to wash sand away into a circle.  The male bass will “guard” the female and her bed.  Contrary to some beliefs, a bedding bass is not easy to catch, particularly the big females. It is true that the small males are often aggressive in their guardian duties, but the trophy fish is very difficult to catch.   There are some people against fishing for bass during the spawn, they say that it disrupts the breeding cycle, resulting in fewer fish in the future.  However, studies indicate that fishing during the spawn does not appear to harm the bass populations.  Obviously, taking a spawn-ready female from the bed will, if she dies, reduce the numbers of young bass produced. But bass produce thousands of spawn every year, leaving millions of baby fish to become food for other species, so I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

Airboating!Now onto the Airboat Tours.  We run our tours daily and year around, there is so much to see and experience, that no matter what time of year you go, you will have a great time.   While alligator mating season is from April to early June, and that is when they are aggressive and everywhere, it doesn’t stop our guests from seeing alligators of all sizes, all year.   Mom gators guard the nest from the time they lay their eggs.  The eggs start to hatch mid August to early September, and then there are hatchlings everywhere.  When we get into the cooler weather, for Florida at least, the wildlife and alligators enjoy collecting the sunshine.

Hope this helps plan your vacation, in Florida….all year is good!


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