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What to expect on an Airboat tour..FAQ

What to expect on an Airboat tour..FAQ

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about our tours and I think we can help many people with this question and answer blog.  If I forget to cover any questions you have, feel free to comment and I will get right back to you.

One of the most common questions is, “do we need bug spray?”  Short answer, no.  We haven’t had any issues with bugs and because we are off the water before dark, no mosquitoes.  So, you are welcome to spray on the bug spray, but its really not needed.

Sunscreen, YES!  Most of our airboats are not covered right now, it’s so pretty out and we would like our guests to see everything that is in the water and in the air.  Since it seems like Central Florida sits 3000 miles closer to the sun than the rest of the world, sunscreen is your best friend here!  Us Floridians, when we shower in the mornings, it’s not water coming out, its sunscreen!

Can you eat on the boats?  Well, as long as you want to share everything your “trying” to eat with the people sitting behind you and the captain, it’s not a good idea.  Our boats can get up to 35 mph on the water.

Can we take an umbrella on the boat so we can be covered?  Unfortunately, the only thing taking an umbrella will do is turn inside out.  Imagine driving in a car, roll down the window and hold the open umbrella out.  Yep, that’s exactly how it is on an airboat.

Rain gear?  We offer rain gear in our office ant check in, or you can bring your own.  We do go out in the light rain, but no lightning.  When it rains, we get to see some wildlife become very active.  The fresh water hitting the lake cools it off and animals really enjoy it.

Do we need a parachute?   No, ever though the boat is called an “airboat”, it does not go into the air.  The name is from when they had airplane motors and the props of an airplane.  Now days, some airboats have car motors.

Can we hold or feed alligators?  Absolutely not!  It is against the law to mess with or feed a alligator in the wild.  All the wildlife that you see on our tours are wild animals, we do not contain any of them.

Can we tip our captain/guide?  Yes you sure can.  Captains greatly appreciate any gratuity offered.

Do we need reservations?   Yes, we highly recommend calling in advance for a reservation.  Our boats are only 6 or 8 passenger airboats, so seats fill up quick.  More people?  No problem!  We send boats out together, you get time to see the rest of your group, and come in together.

Are the airboats on a track? No they are not.  Each captain has full control of when they go on each and every tour.

Do we need a captain?  Yes you do.  All of our captains are Coast Guard Certified, and it’s not too easy to drive an airboat.  If I was to try, I’d be spinning in circles for days.

Is it scary?   Well, let me tell you about my first time on the airboat… I was terrified!  But once I got on the boat and it started going on the water, its was so smooth and relaxing that I forgot about my fear.  Its an adventure everyone should do.

Can my baby go on the boat?  Yes, all ages are welcome on our tours.  Children 6 and under MUST wear a life jacket, its the law.    We provide those in the office when you check in.

Can we go at night?  We do not do night tours.  For 1 reason, all you see, if you have a flashlight, is the red eyes of the alligator.  2nd reson, bugs are everywhere.  Its not much fun fighting bugs just to see eyeballs.

Can I sit in front, I want to be able to see…  Our airboats are 6 and 8 passenger boats with stadium seating.  No matter where you sit, you will see everything.  Plus, our captains stop everywhere on their tours and let you stand and move around a bit.

Can someone in a wheelchair go?  Yes they can, but we can not put the wheelchair on the airboat.  It is very unsafe.  Our captains will assist you and your passenger onto the airboat and off.

Will we get wet?  Not unless it rains.  The only time you get a little mist is when the boat turns, but that’s more refreshing that wet.

I hope this has answered some of the questions everyone has been asking.  Please feel free to let me know if there was anything that wasn’t addressed.





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