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Kissimmee Florida….where it all began!

Kissimmee Florida….where it all began!

The History of Kissimmee goes all the way back to 1883.  Originally, the area was known as Allendale, named after JH Allen, a Confederate major who operated a cargo steamboat on the Kissimmee River.  It was later renamed Kissimmee after the Native American name ‘Cacema’, which means long water.

Thanks to a large drainage operation and the use of the Kissimmee River for boat transportation, the area grew quickly.  The Kissimmee shipyard was to keep up with the demand for large steamships. At the same time, the South Florida railroad extended to Kissimmee,  and the area grew quickly.  But there were a few unfortunate events that happen, including The Panic of 1893, freezes in 1894 and 1895 and the relocation of the steamship operations,  left them depending mostly on cattle ranching.

Kissimmee still has amazing historical areas for people to enjoy.   The Osceola County Courthouse, dated back to 1890,  is the oldest and still in use court house in the state.   Pioneer Village at Shingle creek has an 1898 “Cracker House,” a 1900 general store, pioneer artifacts, blacksmith shop, sugar cane mill and an eight-acre pristine nature preserve under 100-year-old trees.   Every April, cowboys, horses and cattle take over downtown Kissimmee as a cattle drive makes its way to the rodeo arena.

There are many stores and restaurants on Main St in our Historical district, so stop by and enjoy the day.



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