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Alligator Hatchlings

Alligator Hatchlings

hatchingalligatorjpg2There is so much information about alligators, but not much about baby alligators, also known as Hatchlings.

Breeding season for alligators is May and June.  They start building nest in late June and July.  The nest can be 7 to 10 wide and 2 to 3 ft tall.  They lay between 35-50 eggs, some upto 90, and cover them up.   There is a 65 day incubation time frame until the little guys start to hatch out with a little eye tooth at the tip of their mouth.  It later falls off.  They will also start “chirping” for moms help to get out, where she will dip up the dirt on top of them and sometimes she will pick them up in her mouth to get them into the water.

The depth and temperature determine the sex of the hatchlings.   Female gators is below 82.4 degrees and male gators are 91.4 degrees or above.    If the eggs are in the middle, 87.8 degrees or so, they will be a mix of both male and female.   Believe it or not, alligator eggs are soft, not hard like chicken eggs.

Hatchling are tiny when born, only between 6 and 7 inches long, so they stay very close to mom.  A female alligator will only mate once a year but can have up to 3 years worth of babies (called a “pod”) around her, but only concern is for her new offspring.   She is only there for protection though, she doesn’t provide their food.

When the Hatchlings get to about 4 years old, they venture out on their own.  Alligators reproduce or multiply when they mature.  This takes place when they are about 7 to 12 years old.



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